Introducing – Courtney Yasmineh

Ballsy and confident in demeanour, Courtney Yasmineh is charming and captivating, and her music direct and delicious, a potent cocktail of  alternative rock, folk, pop and even a little gospel, all blended and blurred into a dazzling and blistering output.  A complex and tough upbringing saw her flee to great north woods of Minnesota where she started working on a six song EP, including the fanciful tune Married To Bob (Bob Dylan once fled from the same woods.) Since then she has grown and developed, but still always raw and honest. Brazenly emotive, her music perches on the brink of various styles but gathers up their substance, eclectic yet distinctive. New album Wake Me Up When It’s Over has a rather misleading title. Despite tough times and adversity Courtney strikes as the kind of woman who grabs life, attacks it head on, and rides out her thrills and demons. Opening with Ballad To My Other Self, a bold statement of awareness as to personality fractures and how people change, all glitch and guitars, the album flickers through slow and fast, happy and sad, grunge and folk. Scrutiny sees soft flirty vocals, and Bury Me makes you squirm with its raw and open wounds from an unhappy marriage. The ditzy named Pretty Kitty is a highlight, howling loops and compulsive riffs under slightly husky vocals, building up to a brash and almost seismic shifts. Released on her own Indie label, Stupid Bitch Records, she will be playing songs from it when she visits Europe.

26.09 – 12 Bar Club,London

27.09 – The Troubadour, London

30.09 – Gaslight Club @ Oporto, Leeds

01.10 – The Blues Bar, Harrogate

03.10 – The Victoria, Swindon

04.10 – The Jet Lounge, Amsterdam

05.10 – Het Podium, Hilversum

06.10 – The Music Village, Brussels.


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