Die! Die! Die! – Twitching Sunshine


August 2, 2013 by Francesca Baker

Sometimes a song’s title is enough to describe it. Twitching Sunshine is one such song. New Zealand band Die! Die! Die! have yet again excelled themselves with this bristling slice of sinister electro punk. Melancholy emotions and slight anger at a shrugged off relationship it twitches and swerves, fluttering drums and jerky guitars, maintaining its pace and power throughout. From their fourth studio album Harmony, and released onĀ on 19th August via Smalltown America Records, it is, basically, excellent.

One thought on “Die! Die! Die! – Twitching Sunshine

  1. […] Rather insistent beats underpin the looping TIGERCUB‘s Little Rope that swerves and swirls in style and its level of demented inspiration. Guitar slides reflect its grit, and bruising rushes of power build and brim before collapsing into viscous and vicious riffs and gravelly discord. LOVE, is not what they want, but when the reaction sounds like this it is tempting to tease. See them tonight at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton supporting Die! Die! Die! […]

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