Stories from songs – live!


Launch event at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green. Friday August 30th, 7.30pm

Still time to get involved!

Stories about songs was set up by Francesca and Jamie due to a love of the aforementioned “s” words and general delight found in music and words.
They also can never sit still and dabble in zine making so little projects like this are somewhat perfect.
A publication of short stories inspired by songs is to be published this summer – and we would love you to get involved.
Experience has taught us that some people like rules to work with. It makes them feel better. So if you are one of those, here are 6 general guidelines to bounce off. If you prefer to think of yourself as free spirited or just down right disobedient you may ignore…it is all about creativity after all.
1) Stories can be inspired by a song, follow the protagonists after the chords have ended, reflect the feeling that it incites in you, be a total tangent influenced by the title – whatever. Basically, pick a song, and write.
2) There are no limits to the genre of song – we recognise that some people do get their kicks from hardcore slasher mixed with dubstep beats. However we do ask that it is *moderately* well known – i.e not something you and your mates knocked up in the garage on two tin cans and washboard.
3) Stories should be roughly 400 -1000 words. That said, if you have a killer line, some great flash fiction, or a more epic musing, do send it.
4) Submit stories to You can try other methods, but we might not see it.
5) All stories will of course be credited, so send your name, and a brief bio if you wish.
6) Obviously, we will also need to know what the song that inspired you to write is…

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Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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