Her Parents – Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off?

‘I’m declaring war on bellends’ sing Her Parents on Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off?

Yes, it’s fair to say that this song speaks to me on many levels. Particularly the ferocity of the vigorous paced riffs, its angry and slightly unhinged drumming, and the jaw slackening stride with which it rushes through, over in a brief 1 minute 25 seconds. The band, which includes members of Internet Forever, Stairs to Korea and Dananananaykroyd describe themselves as ‘just a great bunch of guys playing punk rock.’ Recently signed to Alcopop their seismic energy and ferocious cochlea challenging tunes are something of a departure for both the label and the guys’ previous outfits usual poppy breeziness, which is perhaps why it works so well – pent up punk energy suddenly comes flooding forth. Harnesses on guys – this is one hell of a ride. And free toboot.


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