Wyndstock – The Country House Party

I love festivals. The feeling of freedom, exploration, an opportunity to revel in the luxury of being oneself, as well discover and diversify what excites you. I also love picnics, country houses, gin & tonics, and twilight magic.

Until recently (I.e April when I received a press release alerting me to the change in affairs) I was under the impression that never shall the two meet, and I was destined to either spend my summer dreaming of sophistication, or revelling in it. Hello Wyndstock, please enter and shatter my preconceptions.
Despite the fact that Wyndstock is billed as an anti festival (in fact its organisers (founders of B&H Group, The Last Tuesday Society and The Blitz Party, amongst others) vehemently detest the f word and all its grubby associations – big queues, corporate sponsors, vile toilets) there seems to be a lot in common, hence my pre midsummer night excitement. Wyndstock has none of these – but it does embrace the freedom and spontaneity that people have come to expect of festivals, and themselves at the events.
fc Houghton Book 2002
Taking place in a glorious country house in Suffolk, the event is one of delight and class. Music to be reached by guided paths into the woods, literature readings popping up all around, a game or two of croquet, gin and picnics. None of this queuing for semi cooked burgers and warm beer, as all meals are provided, and by all accounts are meals, not substandard snacks that fill a hole and line a stomach.
With swing dancing, fireworks, games, astronomy, literature, music, crafts and tours, as well as the all important music. Get your tickets here.
Plus, I have always thought I could look rather fetching in a little cocktail dress and some wellies.

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Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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