Candy Says – Favourite Flavour

Is it pop, indie, folk, disco…or just downright brilliant? The sweet and seductive music of new Cool For Cats signings Candy Says oozes pheromones, its hazy beats pummeling along, wielding casual wonder. Lo-fi, utterly chic, and hopefully and hopelessly romantic, they are a bit of a bright light on the dance floor. Their first single Favourite Flavour is a happy and pungent pop groove, and the teasing ‘now that you’re in my boat we can rock it together’ on B side Melt Into The Sun wholly representative of the kind of tongue in cheek lyrics from this ‘2013 take on the Velvet Underground.’ The launch party for the debut single is at The Servant’s Jazz Quarters on May 22nd, and as well as being available on cassette (yes, they are that cool) the tracks are here on Bandcamp.


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