Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP

Released on Cool For Cats Records on April 29th

From the opening gentle picking pattern on Rain At Night and the first time we are introduced to the warm wholesome vocals of Malena, through to the final lulls of Si Quedamos the debut EP from Oh So Quiet is one uses strings and strums to their full effect, being soothing and fluid whilst simultaneously dazzlling. Whilst being a ‘folk’ band they sound more at home in urban streets, the five songs on this EP having a feeling about them of not only living a life, but being scarred by it. Bubbling with wonderment throughout, the EP flickers and flutters with a gentle authority. Motorcycle Journey has a euphoric post verse riff, and Water’s Fall is so hauntingly delicate your ears are almost scared to listen too closely until it fights back with chimes and charm. The output of Argentinian pair Lucas and Malena Zavala, who currently live in Guildford and have substantiated the band with multicultural members Oh So Quiet combine indigenous Latin-American music with western world indie and folk to create something currently missing in the somewhat saturated folk scene, and are more than worth investigating.

A special Cool For Cats party is taking place at Tipsy in Dalston to celebrate the release.


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