Mise En Scene

Bands describing themselves as having substance, sincerity and swagger are not hard to find. Bands actually executing not only themselves but their music with the above three s-words are however a little more scarce. Mise en Scene are different. Fans of the arts in all its glories, Stefanie Blondal Johnson (guitar/vocals) and Jodi Dunlop (drums) met in the off duty hours of summer jobs, spending this time painting together. Paintbrushes soon evolved into drum sticks and canvases into guitars, and a new mutual talent discovered. Boisterous guitars and defiant hypnosis, this is the sound of punk meets shoegaze.  Endless Summer and it’s shifting groove underpinning powerful tripping lyrics is an excellent opener, right through to the bolshy drum beat of Hey Velvet which is more than reminiscent of The Clash’s London Calling, the earnest and echoing vocals evocative of 2:54. Hey Velvet is their UK only EP, released on April 29th, and the band’s debut album Desire’s Despair will be out in autumn.


Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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