The Cribs @ 100 Club

With Drenge, April 17th 2013, as part of Converse – Get Dirty

The Cribs are a pretty suitable band to be headlining a show as part of a series of gigs that fall under the title ‘Get Dirty.’ Raucous, rampant, energetic and entertaining, their shows are always a celebration of rock in its most pure form – a sweaty explosion of endorphins and angst. Kicking off with MTV, the hour long set dived headfirst into live favourites Hey Scenesters, I’m A Realist, and Men’s Needs, as well as less often played tracks Jaded Youth and Tri’elle. As always Ryan Jarman was on top form, his banter goading people to crowd surf and stag dive, until the number of people on stage was at least quadruple that which it should be. ‘Messy like the old days’ in Ryan words, the gig proved that The Cribs have still got it, pummelling their way through their intelligent and intense rock with infectious exhilaration. After eleven years of consistently brilliant and biting guitar music, they show no signs of diminishing that northern grit that serves them so well.

They didn’t play Be Safe though…what was that about?

A few lucky members of the crowd were given disposable cameras by Converse, in order to capture the carnage. Here is some of the evidence…

56340005 56480011 56550014 56480019

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