Current obsession: 2:54

Not new to either me or the world, but they have captured my love once again so I am going to write about them – 2:54.

Creating ethereal anthems and beautifully abrasive tunes are 2:54, London-based sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow. A gently decaying hybrid of coarse production and deep melodies, tracks such as ‘On A Wire’ and ‘Creeping’ have garnered the pair a well deserved following. With a combination of sensual and sultry vocals and coarse gritty harmonies that is more arresting than a number of the hazy sounded bands kicking around at the moment. Brooding and fuzzy themselves, it’s no surprise that in terms of bands the girls hope to be in the crowd for at The Great Escape  ‘Twin Shadow, Cults and Warpaint are all on the wish-list.’ Whilst primarily a duo the siblings are joined by Joel Porter and Alex Robins, who’s rhythms, have helped ensure that the first run of gigs have goneReally well, although exciting and nerve-wracking. We’ve learned a lot.’ And if you haven’t read the NME, Fly, Independent, Guardian and any other publication that is going wet over 2:54, the name comes from their favourite moment ‘the calm before the storm’ in ‘A History of Bad Men’ by the Melvins song, a band we should all listen to because ‘They’re the dreamboats of drone.. deep, hypno dooming. They make us want to slow dance and/or punch the air a lot.’


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