Barton – Falling Out

In this overly saturated genera/market with a plethora of artists coming out of the woodwork, armed with nothing more than a crappy sounding CD – it’s nice to know there are a few bands and artists out there that can still deliver what I call good music. These new artists I speak of manage push their music out to the world and much of it do I dare say is substandard to say the least.

So what do bands like The Bicycle Thief, The Strokes, Reel Big Fish and Nirvana have that Portland based Barton don’t? Not much really if you ask me save the multi million dollar promotional machines, Producer assistance and major record label support. Barton breaks the mold with their impressive sound and catchy vibe. Their latest release Falling Out delivers music that has a deep seeded alternative-rock roots with a side of punk and even classic grunge. The guitar playing, writing and vocal presence of Barton is as good as it gets for an independent artist.

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Musical overtones that will remind you of acts from Neil Young to The Replacements and even Manic Street Preachers. There’ isn’t a harder working garage band out there right now that can go toe to toe with Barton insofar as vibe and pure musical mojo. Right now after hearing his  music – he is the ultimate slam bar band artist out there right now. I don’t say stuff like that often. Some of the songs on Falling Out are clear as mud when it comes to the overall production quality.

Falling Out is a very good starting point to springboard from and despite the CD’s issues it shows this guy has potential and vision. Why do I say this? Barton’s answer to boring, trivial music is to deliver something unique with a breath of fresh air, a hard hitting signature sound and impressive grooves to call their own. Artists like this are not a dime a dozen. The strong suit of Barton ‘s his ability to write you a powerful piece of music via solid musicianship and messages that speak to all the senses.  One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on him over the years to come.

By Rory Richardson, edited by Joshua Beach


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