Thailand Togs

Thailand is a country that has a wardrobe to match all moods. From dreadlocked gap year school leaver breaking away from their parents and ‘find themselves’,  to luxe fashion rocked by the boating set, to wide flowing trousers on the legs of slightly bewildered and aged looking career people on a break from the rat race. On my trip to Thailand I was, I must admit, more focused on the pristine beaches, the inspiring and dominating skyscrapers, the frantic and fraught way motorbikes navigate the streets narrowly avoiding people who hop from noodle bar to noodle bar and drink buckets in the street, serene and sanguine monks bowing their heads in unison, the warm weather grazing my shoulders until torrential rain emptied down on me, the sunlight flickering and dancing on the blue sea, reflecting happiness in the eyes of holiday makers and home makers alike, the relaxing rhythms that play on the ears as I sipped rum from pineapples and laughed at this tourist take on things, as I watched fishermen catch what would be my dinner, that I would eat as the warm sand nestled beneath my toes, before a contended slumber.

That’s not to say I didn’t wear clothes, of course I did. I just wish some of these photos were actually me. Maybe next time…

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