Sunday Music Mix #16 – Twenty Something London

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Sunday Music Mix #16 is here! This week’s mix is curated by Francesca of And So She Thinks, a blog of fresh music and words from around the world. And So She Thinks is an addictive mish-mash of stories on travel, London, tunes and literature and this Sunday’s mix is reflective of Francesca’s varied and discerning taste. Happy listening!

(To view all the songs first hit ‘play’ then the ‘playlist’ button – first icon of five on the bottom right)

1. Tall Ships – “Vessels”
Definitely one of my favourite discoveries of 2012, and one I’m excited about seeing how they evolve in 2013. Every song sounds like standing on the edge of a cliff looking out over the epic vista of your life – and being scared and excited at the same time.

2. The Sunset Strip Club – “Einstein’s Theory”
Easy, guilty please, this bounds along with great guitar riffs and a banging bass line.

3. Vuvuvultures – “Stay Still”
Stupidly brilliant name, this is a great piece of rock music seasoned with electro disco. More complex than previous efforts, but then the less striking. And that riff 3 minutes in is almost Muse-esque!

4. Post War Years – “All Eyes”
This band are definitely up there with wine, chocolate, and sex. Amazing.

5. Charlie Dupre – “2012 Male”
Bit of impressive vocal wizardry from Charlie Dupre.

6. Mile Me Deaf – “Troubles Caught”
Superbly catchy seismic tunes

7. Fine Times – “Hey Judas”
Epic and grand, yearning and soaring, littered with peaks and valleys – and somehow it all comes from only two people.

8. Klak Tik – “Reborn”
Saw this trio supporting Slow Club, and I can totally see the link. Completely delightful, unapologetically simple pop songs. Timeless.

9. Thom Price-Stephens – “Peter Pan Shoes”
I’m a sucker for warm vocals and disarming honesty. Relationships in their gritty reality – uttered and unuttered words.

10. Secret Rivals – “Once More With Heart”
Ramshackle, chaotic, honest, soulful, and real. Gravelly emotions and gritty excitement, oscillating melodies, full of perpetuating energy.

Originally on Twenty Something London

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