Slow Club – Good Sex @ Proud

March 14th 2013


It always amazes me that a duo who can write such tender songs of lost love and heartbreak can slip under the radar of most of the UK’s music fans. Who could ever fall out of love with the charming and beautiful Rebecca and disarmingly beguiling Charles? Playing their first gig of 2013 at Proud Camden, Slow Club used tonight to showcase some the tracks they have been busy in the studio writing, which on first listen are just as dazzling as those from their excellent second album Paradise that Rebecca conceded she wished they could ‘dine out on for a bit longer.’

They sparkle across the stage, their songs stuffed full of hooks like ravioli. The glorious If We’re Still Alive kicks off with pounding drums and harsh snares, and Charles’ mellow plucking of the guitar on Never Look Back is a particularly heartfelt moment. The crowd tonight were not the most receptive this writer has ever seen, but this didn’t stop the duo’s exceptional musical intuition capturing that prism of pure magic in the multi-hued spectrum of their music. Two Cousins is simply flooded with intensity and desire to live, and when they close their set with  there is no sense of them ever giving up on such perfect songcraft. Not twee, not folk, not pop, not rock, Slow Club have captured the art of simply taking the best bits of music, mixing them together, and making them work.

With their rattling rhythms and dynamic undulating melodies, beautiful two part harmonies where Rebecca’s soulful and powerful vocals are just as emotive as Charles’ soothing and weathered voice, and a passion and vigour that few bands match either on or off the stage, Slow Club again proved tonight why they are one of the UK’s best bands and why album three is worth waiting for.

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