Music & Words – event one!

We’ve been excited about our first music and words event for a while now. Life long lovcrs of literature, it’s ever since we discovered performance poetry in the form of The Ruby Kid, Jess Green and the Roundhouse Poets at the It’s All Happening festival last year, we realised just how much entertainment potential existed in an evening of both. Good music and good words, could, simply, be a perfect evening.

So it was at our first event, in conjunction with Booked, at The Gallery Cafe on January 19th. Presented by Katy Darby, we welcomed Drew Worthley and Tom Price Stephens, both favourites of It’s All Happening, to perform stellar acoustic sets that engaged and entertained the audience. Both genuinely nice guys their modest banter only added to the feelings of warmth that packed the cafe. Actors from Liar’s League, the international story and acting collective performed two stories for us, and Courttia Newland read from his new book The Gospel According To Cane. Radhika from the Resonance Music Project delighted the crowd with her warm and honest poetry, whilst the prolific Anthony Anaxagorou had everyone in a hushed silence as he challenged and charmed through his lyrical dexterity and alarming honesty.

We are super flattered by this review from Drew Worthley, and believe that there can be no finer recommendation than one like this from the artists themselves.

Videos are to follow, and the next event is at Drink Shop Do on Sunday 10th March. Put it in the diary.

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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