Pandovisa – The Last Man On The Net

Tech duo Pandovisia are looking to change the music world with their pioneering new album The Last Man On The Net.  The band have been dubbed ‘net artists’, because their entire album was ‘conceived, written, composed, performed and produced entirely over the net, in virtual studios, using cloud services and asynchronous communication’. Bearing this mind, The Last Man On The Net is a highly impressive piece of work redefining how music is made and definitely worth a listen!

The album plays on a geeky tech image combined with a healthy amount of tongue in cheek humour. The serious side to the album is highlighting the global sphere that we all live in whether we fight against it or love it. As everyone’s online presence is increasing it seems the natural progression that music is now reflecting this as well.

The video for ‘hypnotic’ is almost hard to watch as you are faced with repetitive patterns and stroboscopic effects. It’s playing on the idea that in everyday life the media uses subtle and not so subtle ways of trying to get us to behave and do certain things online. We are all simply as the song title suggests “In a Trap, Under the Net”

Watch the hypnotic new video for the track Under The Net (contains flashing lights and photosensitive inmages) here:

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