Festival helpers!

Festival season wreaks havoc on the body. Great for the mind and nectar for the soul, there comes a point in late September (nay, even the Saturday morning of most festivals) when the body is screaming out for some rest and recuperation. Turns out that getting vitamins from  cider and protein from burgers does not a balanced diet make, and so sometimes a little help is needed to get through the fun.

Which is why my rucksack will contain some of these little energy boosters that both get the juices flowing in the morning, and help to head of that hangover.

There’s Nature’s Plus Potent C, which contains B vitamins, electrolytes and vitamin C, to help combat the damage caused by alcohol and cigarettes (sorry Mum), as well as ginseng and bee pollen for an energy boost, or the Red Lightening version, which has extracts from over 30 superfoods – essentially the elixir of health. Both of these are in handy sachet form (fits in a pocket!) and can make the water from the campsite taste a hell of a lot better, as well as reviving you.

If mixing yourself is too hard, there is also Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy Lite, an organic energy drink that is light on sugar. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Tasting a million times better than Red Bull (although I didn’t try it with vodka) and being infinitely better for you, this is a no brainer for a refreshing drink to reinvigorate you.

Ever wondered why Marmite on toast always sorts you out after a night on the razz? It’s B12. Toasters are hard to come by in the field, so Nature’s Plus Shot-O-B12 contains a hefty dose of the wonder vitamin.

Having organised, held, and massively enjoyed the first It’s All Happening festival this year (see this lovely video from Alessi’s Ark) and pretty much relied on these to get me through the office comedown, I can vouch they work. My ‘never again’ has already become a ‘where’s my wellies?’

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