Secret Rivals Make Do And Mend Part 2 – nice stuff people are saying…

Secret Rivals land in May with Make Do And Mend (part 2), the follow up (as the name suggests) to the 2011 Make Do And Mend, which was picked up, praised and played by ,amongst others, indie taste makers Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and Rob Da Bank.

Continuing with their deliciously scuzzy pop sound, nfluenced by the likes of The Cribs, Johnny Foreigner, Los Campesinos, early Idlewild and 80s indie, Make Do And Mend (part 2) is full of arresting indie pop combined with punky razor sharp riffs. Previously unheard tracks The Part That Kills and I Hope She Knows are magnificently immersive explosions of tunes, the chaos of excitement and angst managing to be perfectly and powerfully contained within the song structure. The final, and title, track reveals a softer, more vulnerable side to the band, quivering vocals over a gently mournful melody, and the stripped back production courtesy of fellow Oxfordians Alphabet Backwards allows the track to simmer and soothe to its full capacity.

Released on May 28th, through It’s All Happening! Records, Make Do And Mend (part 2) is available to pre order now.

Once More With Heart is an energetic, upbeat behemoth of a track, spurred by a driving bass line perfectly showcasing theirharsh/melodic dual vocal attack’ – Oxford Music Blog

‘from the first note a musical breath of fresh air…an uplifting package; energetic, open-hearted and pleasingly free of pretension’ –  Nightshift

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