Spring Offensive – Worry Fill My Heart

The articulate and amazing Spring Offensive have released their latest single (on a Saturday?!) called Worry Fill My Heart. Here’s the video for your delight. Listen carefully to the lyrics…we’ve all felt like this!

“ALL I NEED… is just a couple of hundred- It should keep me for a few weeks…… I’m like a child to be asking.
(WORRY, FILL MY HEART) How’d I end up in a job like this?
(WORRY, FILL MY HEART) Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and quit it!!!”
If you’re in the capital, check out the band at the end of the month before they go trooping around the UK and Germany.
If you want a physical copy of Worry Fill My Heart which also boasts an exclusive track entitled ‘Ridgefield’ and a remix from WILDSWIM, as well as more artwork and an exclusive poster, all packaged together with a bespoke envelope addressed with your very own name on it, you have no choice but to head to the live shows – this delightful package won’t be available online!

29.03     Electricity Showrooms, London
30.03     The Green Door Store, Brighton
31.03     Secret Location, Oxford
01.04     The Castle Hotel, Manchester
02.04     SOYO, Sheffield
03.04     The Head of Steam, Newcastle
04.04     The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
05.04     Gwdihw, Cardiff
09.04     Musikbunker, Aachen
10.04     Schon Schön,  Mainz
11.04     MUZ, Nurnberg
12.04     HällHeidelberg
13.04     Parterre, Basel

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