Bread from the Village Baker – try rye

I am turning into a loaf of rye bread. Fifteen loaves I was delivered, for a trial and taste test. I guess it’s safe to say I would not have got through fifteen loaves of Village Bakery Rye if it hadn’t had some redeeming features, one of them being that it’s pretty yummy. Lighter than most rye breads, but still more substantial than your regular supermarket loaf, the consistency of Village Bakery Rye makes it well suited to both sweet and savoury, and means it does not fall apart as soon as it touches any kind of sauce or wet sandwich filling. The protein packed seeded loaf has a satisfying crunch, and the random pumpkin and sunflower seeds through the loaf, not just on the crust, are a nice addition and delicate coriander flavoured loaf is a great alternative to naan with a Friday night curry, and in fact offsets a ham sandwich just as well. A spread of butter and jam over the traditional plain version is a great snack. Whether wheat allergies bother you, a variety of grains is the key to balanced nutrition, and with only three ingredients (rye, salt and water) this is pretty natural nutrition. Overall, thumbs up.

Published by Francesca Baker

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