The Rock and Roll Circus – A Collection of Calamity Vol 3

The Rock and Roll Circus, the crazily psychedelic recording studio in Leeds famed for its creative juice inducing decor has released its third compilation, the aptly named A Collection of Calamity Volume 3, a collection of tracks recorded his year in the hallucinogenic walls. From the sneeringly Stooge-eqsue Midnight by British Racing Green and Crrreep from the recklessly energetic Post War Glamour Girls, to glum pop band Men Only’s Bored Bored Bored and the ear crunching Turn it on Again that quakes from the guitars of Buffalo Bones, these fifteen tracks only reaffirm what everyone in West Yorkshire already knows – Leeds is where it is all happening.

Backyards – Heavy Handed 03:39
Moody Gowns – Nelson Skills 02:12
Men Only – Bored Bored Bored 01:56
Buffalo Bones – Turn it on Again 03:36
Black Water – Killer 04:32
Diehards Divide – Foul Weather Friend04:28
Indecisive Crisis – Mortgage Freeman01:57
Bearfoot Beware – Gerard Depardieu04:08
Honour Before Glory – TV-NO-TV 03:42
Post War Glamour Girls – Crrreep 04:29
Lovebites – Lust/Lust 04:49
Bear Mask – Shaky Ladders 03:58
Tsienna – Diskotek 04:49
British Racing Green – Midnight 03:24
Japanese Fighting Fish – Dry1 02:45

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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