Brain Box! Some helpful alternatives.

Holland & Barrett, probably in an effort to reward my loyalty (their share of my spend makes other retailers envious) recently landed a Brain Box through my door. Well aware that it is harder for us to get up and running in the gloomy winter months than the vibrant summer days, this is a package of foods, drinks and supplements designed to boost brain power.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can be sure that this review is objective. When PR company Perishables and damageables delivered by post they run the risk that their new product will arrive not showcased in the best light, and such was the case of my Crips, an ‘oven baked wheat and potato snack.’ Therefore to trial said crisps, I had to go and purchase a pack myself, and I don’t loquaciously elaborate where my hard earned cash is earned. You want to know the price of journalistic integrity? 70p. More like crackers than regular crisps, these Crips are far more satisfying than the usual insubstantial light options offered. The price means they are not competitive to the normal bag of crisps to have in a lunchbox, but for a snack on the run, I’ll be back.

I like fruit. A lot. Five a day? Pah, give me a real challenge. As such I generally have little time for the novelty new products that claim to make it easier for us to consume those essential vitamins and minerals, and in this hand holding also take us back a few years, generally resembling the consistency of baby food. But Be Fruity Fruit Bars are good. With more of a bite than most pureed bars and a range of flavours means that they add something above the usual raisin options. ( I can’t eat raisins or sultanas and therefore seen to be excluded from apples, fruit, nuts, muesli, cereal products. Anyone know of any?) Not too sticky, not too sweet, and surprisingly substantial – they managed to survive a festival and flight to New York. At only 55p, they’re pretty purse friendly too.

Speaking of New York and festivals I am in the enviable position of exhaustion from too many holidays and too much partying, and as such the supply of Gingko Biloba (£5.39 for 60) that landed on my desk could not have come at a better time. At the moment I haven’t noticed a huge jump in my mental alertness, but give me sixty days and the Times crossword will be no match for my mental agility.

I can’t really review Walnuts, they are what they are, and can only reinforce countless pieces of information from doctors, nutritionists and health experts, in that they are an excellent source of protein, vitamin B and do boost energy. Plus they’re yummy. If you want to get them from Holland & Barrett, they’re £1.89 for 100g, which I guess is about standard.

To wash it all down is the new EQ8, a lightly fizzy drink that contains fruit sugars, ginseng. guarana and L-cartinine. Based on fruit juices, the Orange & Passion Fruit flavour was a good mid morning lift, and as a far more natural lift than Red Bull, I’m hoping the Cranberry & Apple tastes just as good with vodka. Although for £1.49, I could probably double up.

So now Autumn is officially here, and my brain needs a hand, I know where to shop for those wiiiiiings…

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