The DamnCats

The DamnCats

If you have heard The DamnCats before you’re probably thinking, “it’s about time for a decent CD” and, you’re lucky, ‘cos your wait is over. The EP that they have released is a window into their world and you can clearly see which way they are evolving in their music.

Savannah Smith, the bassist for The DamnCats starts the EP with vocals that intertwine with the track wonderfully. Imagine if you will, an ivy plant. The DamnCats lay down a track –  we’ll say this is your wall. Martin Jackson, the lead singer allows the plant to flourish, it climbs and climbs until hardly any of the wall is left. Then spring arrives and out come the flowers: this is Savannah. Her vocals add a pretty, original touch to the music and this can clearly be seen in the first track 4am. The only problem I have is that I have hay fever. Yes, this is still a metaphor. I like the song but, just like my hay fever, too much irritates me. The band seems just a little too try hard.

Although it may sound strange, I have it on good faith from Martin that the bass was accidentally put too high on the song, but from what I can hear it doesn’t sound perfectly original. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the DamnCats more than any local, home grown band, but they do let themselves down sometimes, with too simple lyrics such as ‘go out and have some fun.’  The third track, Made Up Minds, however, hits exactly the right spot, with a sound like The Arkhams and vocals from Jackson like any decent British indie band. I love it, and like pudding after a meal, they really have saved the best until last. a surprise sound that is different to the other two tracks and sounds very original for a band who play venues such as the Beercart Arms in Canterbury. On Made Up Minds I think they may have found a lovely new sound to investigate.

Go out and buy the EP, listen, enjoy, even smile a bit. Then watch the band live and the ideal is complete.Once you have done that I can guarantee you’ll watch them as much as possible. Good luck guys, and keep bringing your sound to the masses. We are listening even if we’re confused as to the derivation of your band name. Yes, I know where it came from. I’m thinking of starting my own called Hydro-Electric Power Felines!

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

One thought on “The DamnCats

  1. Hmmm…needs a quick read-through and polish, but not bad. I liked the ivy stuff, and the joke at the end. Our website is there so feel free to read it and critique my style like a motherf***er.

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