Rediscovering some good tunes. And some less so.

New bands on radar, latest tracks being uploaded on myspace, a pile of cds, mp3 player on shuffle, the radio on…music fans hear such a variety of songs (and know that so much more is out there waiting to be heard) that it’s a wonder we ever give anything a second listen. Michael Baker decided to raid the It’s All Happening archives and provide a second opinion…

Michael Baker

The Lines
El Matador

The Lines are in that enviable position as far as their contemporaries concerned in that they produce a quality sound whilst creating catchy lyrics, a talent which seems to eschew many. This is especially true of late 2010 release ‘El Matador’, in which good lyrics get couple with an upbeat, lively tempo. This is nicely contrasted with promo b-side ‘Awake’, the smooth sound and accessible vocals creating a far more chill-out vibe. The boys from Wolverhampton certainly have a bright future.

Monster Head Room

A journalist never wishes to come across as negative – sometimes the facts just don’t call for a good opinion. I’m not entirely sure what Ganglians were trying for with Monster Head Room. Some tracks, such as ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Valient Brave’ take a while to really get going and when they do they come across as dirgy. At these points one fears for what is to follow. However, salvation lay in ‘Cryin’ Smoke’ and ‘Candy Girl’, the offbeat melodies of which put a real bounce in your step and saw Ganglians delight the crowd at Spain’s Primavera festival last year. Variety is the spice of life they say, but this mish-mash of good and bad doesn’t work for me.

Live Like Lions

Let’s cut to the chase – I like this band. Released at the back end of last year ‘Cecile’ tells the story of a man with a hidden secret.

Live Like Lions

To misquote Steven Tyler ‘dude is a lady.’ Story aside, the guys have an MGMT-esque sound which in my eyes (ears?) can only be good. Having spent the last year and a half writing and touring Live Like Lions are well placed to make a big impact on the 2011 music scene. You heard it here first.

The Knocks
Dancing With The DJ

This reminds me of Calvin Harris’ ‘Ready The Weekend.’ Both tracks have a bounding club beat that would have a crowd on their feet dancing, fists in the air, good times aplenty, and I’d be part of it. No doubt about it.

The Golden Filter

n this album The Golden Filter have managed to make lyrics seem superfluous, so enticing are their stylistic melodies that will ensure everyone with a pulse gets moving. Brilliantly ambient and moving, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear ‘Dance Around The Fire’ on a film soundtrack.

The Keys
Fire Inside

With their sixties rock/pop  style, simple and effective lyrics, and quick tempo The Keys are a band to sing along with ease to. Combined with a quick tempo to create a busy, bouncy sound, it is impossible to not want to listen on repeat.

Kid Bombardos

Kid Bombardos
I Round The Bend

Kid Bombardos are good. An upbeat sound, combines with Mediterranean fee to produce songs so dripping in sunshine that they could cheer all but the tone deaf up. Ridiculously catchy, ‘I Round The Bend’ may well make it onto an advert, but is worth far more than this. Kid Bombardos – more please.

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