Vitality Show 2011

How many times a day are we promised a wonder product, the amazing solution, the cure to all our problems, to make us ‘look good and feel great.’ It’s easy to be jaded, but women are not foolish. One of the great things about the Vitality Show, currently running at Earls Court Two, is that it brings together pampering, healthy eating, dancing, socializing, beauty, haircare, travel, life coaching, career advice – in short, pretty much everything! It’s their holistic approach to wellbeing that makes it such an inspiring show. A sensory bombardment. It’s clear to see why the Show has been nominated consistently for awards such as “Most Impressive Visitor Experience” and “The Innovation Award.”

Wandering around are a mix of mums and daughters, groups of giggling girls, ladies indulging in much needed me time, glammed up dolls tottering in heels, dressed down sporty types waiting to try an exercise class, as well as everyone in between – which to be fair is the majority of us. Those that don’t fit into a certain category, but like a little bit of everything. The Vitality Show is certainly the place to be able to dabble in those every things, gather knowledge, indulge oneself, pick up some goodies, and focus on feeling good. For those looking for some real in depth focus, there are also extra workshops running on topics such as ‘Nourishing Me-Time’, ‘Power Living’, ‘Living the Balance’ and ‘How to Become a Money Magnet.’

Coming along after work I was eagerly seeking sustenance, and like a taxi to a tourist headed straight to the Food Lovers Fair; where I enjoyed Chocolate, Wine, Nakd nibbles, Absolute Cupcakes ,Easy Bean Stews, amongst others and discovered how tasty nutritious food can be. Some of it anyway – wheatgrass, I’m still not sold on!

The Travel Pavilion was understandably a big draw, offering suggestions for retreats and holidays that will leave you feeling renewed, as well as volunteering on holidays with companies such as i-to-i and Intrepid. It’s very easy to feel revitalized on holiday ,however the real challenge is continuing this in the ‘real life.’ This was the main benefit of the Show for me – I left feeling that even in my real life, I could be full of vitality. Although you might want to ask me again on Monday morning!

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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