November 13th

Disclaimer: Large portions of this night were completely obliterated by red wine, therefore it may not be an entirely factual account of events.

How do you measure a successful gig? Pure headcount? Number of pints sold? How many stars given in the next day’s Time Out? I prefer to use Durkheim’s measure of  a religious experience, what he coined collective effervescence, defined as ‘perceived energy formed by a gathering of people.’ Saturday November 14th at TheCuckoo’s Nest (King’s Head, Acton) was off the scale.

Openers Moustaches of Insanity were suitably insane, their quirky indie pop winning them fans across the room, and song title ‘Cheese & Freckles’ becoming the catch phrase of the night.

Local Wings of Pegasus astounded the audience for a number of reasons, amongst them the L’Oreal worthy locks of the entire band. Other reasons they are worth it include the tight execution and fearless traversing of the fret board. Easy to see why they came third in this year’s Surface Unsigned Festival.

If you ever wanted to know what John Lyden would sound like having a hoe-down, Outdoor Types let us know, with their slightly anarchic folk rock. A little bit pop, a little bit prog, ‘Devils In Horseback’ in particular went down a storm.

Then, DJ John played Pulp – ‘Do You Remember The First Time?’ I was seven when this was released, so no. In fact, so far gone was I by this point I barely remember this time. I do remember a whoop of delight and a dance of joy!

Next up were The Seasiders, who in their alcohol fuelled state seemed to confirm all stereotypes about Southenders on a Saturday night. Apart from that I adore them. ‘You Only Love Me When Your Drunk’ they sung out. No guys, I always love you. I just wave my arms more energetically when drunk. Don’t take it personally. After a hip dislocating twist to the Chas’n’Dave esque ‘Pub Song’ and some enthusiastic skanking to ‘No One Needs To Know’, we were encouraged to rest our weary limbs, with singer Paul inviting the entire audience to sit down for some good old audience participation and sing the chorus of ‘Streets of Loneliness’.

In fact, the only thing better than the grin inducing fever that swept the room as The Seasiders played was Salema. Get in touch lady!

Lord knows what Ross has been doing to his Wrongens, but this last week has seen a flurry of texts and emails, with members of the band dropping like flies. Ross and a (part time) Wrongen treated us to a beautiful stripped down set, enamouring the room into a dream like state. ‘Make You Right’ was magical, and ‘Summer Sun’ strangely austere and heart warming in equal measures, its aye-aye oou-oooh chorus uniting the crowd. We’ll hopefully get them back again. (Ross, please accept my virtual handshake until we meet again!)

All in all, roll on December 11th!

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Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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