Young & Lost Club – Compilation

Young & Lost Club

Francesca Baker

As a child absorbed in Enid Blyton‘s fiction, I was desperate to go to boarding school, believing it to be a place of perpetual fun, ginger beer and midnight feasts. For Nadia Dahlawi and Sara Jade, the founders of Young & Lost Club, it was where they created a place of perpetual fun, full strength beer and all night raves. To celebrate their 5th birthday, Young & Lost Club have whittled down 32 of the singles that have defined their career thus far, and defined many a music fan‘s identity transcript. One can only assume that rather than ‘I heart Bob‘, their school journals were adorned with graffiti for the coolest of bands.

Listening to the 35 tracks on the album is like pressing the random button on my mp3 player, only without the embarrassing reminders of The Bravery purchases etc. Even if you haven‘t heard of Young and Lost Club, you will have heard, and I‘m 90% sure had a lustful moment over at least one of the bands on the roster.

What comes across is the sense of musical curiosity that Nadia and Sara have, bands ranging from the slow folk of Noah & The Whale with their whimsical ‘Five Years Time‘, to the energetic fractious Good Shoes and ‘Small Town Girl‘, and the chameleon like Bombay Bicycle Club‘s ‘Evening/Morning‘ representing their simple dense poetry that seems formed in intense unplanned flashes of inspiration.

Not all the bands have had the kind of success that some of those showcased at Young & Lost Club‘s early club nights had (heard of The XX, Klaxons, Friendly Fires, Jamie T or Laura Marling?), or indeed, lasted. Larrikin Love may have been short lived, but rather than funereal, ‘Six Queens‘ would feature at only the most raucous of wakes, with as much freshness as the day it was released. The shambolic and coincidental ‘Animator‘ is the contribution from ‘Pull Tiger Tail‘, a band who‘s cavorting and jaunty music made it feel ok to have gaucheries when feeling the way around the city.

Nadia and Sara clearly have an ear for something, but it‘s difficult to pin point what. A palette of instruments, genres and styles, the main thing that all the bands on the Young & Lost Club label have in abundance is the sound of being one of the steps on the uncertain adventure of life.

Happy birthday girls. But don‘t be in a rush to blow out the candles and tick off the years. Being young and lost sounds damn good.

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