The Old Romantic Killer Band

The Cockpit
Sat 2 May, 6pm

Harry Johns and Greg Roland, aka Old Romantic Killer Band, of the Bad Sneakers label, give us their views on their music and that of this weekend, ahead of what promises to be a jawdropping performance of their chaotic ‘I refuse to be pigeon holed’ music.

On their album ‘Swan With Two Necks’, and it’s two little duck like 22 minute length…
We don‟t have ‘the plan’ like a lot of bands. We work quite frenetically so we had enough songs to document where we were at that point in time – why not put it out? It‟s easy to over-think strategy when you’re in a band but we just wanted to let people know where we’re at right now. I think we’re the sort of band that could change and expand over time so it’ a nice starting point record. Plus we play fast and unconventionally – thus the debut album should reflect that. I didn’t read the reviews but I think they were ok, right? The „press’ isn‟t really behind us right now but hopefully that may change…

On the rest of 2009…
We have just recorded some new stuff so are hoping to put a couple of low-key singles out? Any takers?

On their name…
No way! not another name question

On their favourite gig they’ve played…
Maybe Leeds Hyde Park last summer? Because of the sheer volume of people, and that we got to play with Howlin` Rain which was also ace because we love them. It generally depends on the radness of the promoter and the radness of who is attending, rather than amount of people – just if they’re good people, get it?

On their influences…
What influences us…um, not fitting in, I guess. Trying to merge everything we love about music and not compromising.

On the size of the band and potential sonic expansion..
It‟s not just an aesthetic quality – we’re trying to produce music which is raw but also catchy, a bassist right now is kind-of unnecessary…

On being granted one wish to change the music industry…
I‟d change fucking everything dude – it‟s so easy to be in a band now but the industry isn‟t changing to accommodate that. Now we just have loads of fucking bands that are in NME one week and forgotten about the next – the idea of building a following over an extended amount of time is forgotten about and now we rely on forums and hype rather than finding bands who just have the old-skool idea to tour all the time. It took The Cribs two records to get proper exposure, now we are told to give a shit about bands with one or two 7″`s out.

On their return to The Cockpit…
It‟ll be more chaos, I promise.

On their genre transcending (blues, rock, garage, folk, punk) sound and the crowds this attracts…
People tend to dig it man. We live in a society and musical climate which makes it easy for Joe Bloggs to be equally into hip hop and heavy metal, so I think we just reflect that changing attitude towards making and listening to music.

On who they’ll be seeing at Live At Leeds…
Dinosaur Pile Up, Youves, Eskimo Twins, James Owen Fender, Sky Larkin, Holy State, and Diagonal.

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