Bombay Bicycle Club

Leeds Met Student Union
Sat 2nd May, 7pm

I’m completely charmed by Bombay Bicycle Club.

A plethora of sparkly sounds, solid moods, all underlaced with jazzy undercurrents. This group of teenagers have the vivacity and positivity to make optimistic songs that don’t feel sickly sweet or naive, just embrace life ing…

The song ‘Evening/Morning’ perfectly sums up the tunes – the semi conscious hazy half light, unable to put your finger on anything, but there being a feeling of possibility all around. Recent single „Always Like This‟ is a pacy number, immediate and heartfelt.

Both lyrics and detailed melodies, executed with mathematical precision but coming from a magical well of creativity are intelligent and have an immediacy that belies their tender years.

Lead singer and guitarist Jack Steadman‟s dancing is frenetic and unorthodox. He plays the guitar like he is a having a musical fit, all head jerks, arms bending and face twitching.

Playing to a young crowd of teens at Kings College London Student Union at the beginning of this month, Jack never gave up the connection with the crowd, and through the band‟s glinting playfulness the group of kids who started off more interested in snogging the face off the opposite sex emerged from the sweaty pit as enthusiastic fans.

Of course, Leeds music fans know how to have a real good time, so this gig should be a riot. Debut album „I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Out‟ is out in June – although if you see them this weekend you won’t have any blues come summer. Fact.

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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