Compassionate Living with Lucie Manning

We all want to be kind, nice, good people. But what does that look like in practice? Compassion and kindness is something easy to talk about, but can be hard to enact – an even harder to communicate to others. Lucie Manning shares her lifestyle via her Instagram Compassionate Living – and I chat to her to find out more. Read on True Yoga Collective.


Emily Capell – Who Killed Smiley Culture?

Emily Capell makes music that pulsates with sixties style vibrancy and a polished but knowing fun sensibility, sonically sailing through tales of every day joys and dips with a frisky buoyancy. Beehive updos, The Clash record collections and a love of eighties pop merge with 21st century girl confidence in this music that sounds like a sepia TV quivering on the verge of glorious technicolour. I don’t know who killed those smiles, but Emily Capell is damn well bringing them back.



The Adult Teeth Recording Company Recording Sampler

As the sun streams through my window it seems crazy to be discussing the end of the year and any best of compilations. But let’s not see this as an end, but rather a celebration of awesome tunes over the last two years – even if they do all come from that most unlikely of spots: Hull. Adult Teeth is a label dedicated to putting out new music from the North Eastern city and has grown from being a bedroom label to really seizing the studio with latest recordings, but continues to span  indie, alternative, experimental, electronic, spoken word and ambient genres. Experimental solo pop from My Pleasure, the frantic TV Speak from La Bete Blooms (who I have previously interviewed here), a lot from art-rock duo Glass Illusion including a collaboration with Leeds based poet Matthew Hedley Stoppard, along with tunes from Blackface, Mt Judge, Foolish Atoms and My One Band.


Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi

Pink + shiny + ultra + blast are four words evocative of a quadruple cocktail of heady frisson, the kind of kaleidoscopic complexity that flickers with gems of passion and precision. Starting off with a quiver reminiscent of Bloc Party’s Like Hearing Voices, new single Umi from Pinkshinyultrablast is in equal measures fragile and potent, waves of guitar rippling under shards of electronica and fast paced shoegaze. The St Petersburg four piece successfully make use of the lack of sound, working space into their layers of vibrations like the best alchemists. Out on November 10th on Club AC30.